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allunare. is a music producer based out of Texas infusing the study of many genres into one soothing experience. With the start of making hip hop beats in late 2009 it quickly progressed into much more. allunare. started taking piano lessons at age 19, studying jazz and many other forms of classic standards. Pushing his hip hop production too much more than ever thought could be achieved. Attaining accolades throughout the years with the local hip hop scene, in 2020 the change was made to attend music school and progress further.
Now studying jazz guitar through an institution, the musical boundaries and goals have changed and allunare. is now pushing soundscapes throughout the lofi scene, providing lush guitar tones and atmospheric textures to help you get into the right mind-frame and escape reality.

soothe releases

Latest Soothe Records releases.

fresh maple

Released on August 6th 2021

campfire song

Released on August 13th 2021

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