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Bahnstrasse 102, Regensdorf, 8105 Zürich, Switzerland

Soothe Studios - Soothe Records x Peak Twilight

the studio of choice for the digital era.

At Soothe Studios, we’re more than just a music studio—we’re a family of passionate artists dedicated to making your creative dreams a reality.

Born from the collaboration between Soothe Records and Peak Twilight, we founded the first advanced lofi (but hifi) studio in the world, featuring a dedicated mixing/mastering room and an experienced team.

We are committed to providing an unparalleled experience by taking on projects we truly believe in and enjoy. This ensures our clients receive the one-on-one attention they deserve throughout the entire production process. Understanding that every project is unique, we offer a range of tailored services.


We’re happy if you’re happy.

Our label worked with countless local pros and music studios over the years, but the consistency of Peak and his team never ceases to impress us. Their dedication and passion to the craft is truly unmatched. Regardless of the genre, our releases always end up in their hands for a good reason.

Viktor S.

Partnered Label Owner

We were confident we wanted to have Soothe Records release and Soothe Studios mix and master our ambient lofi track, based on the multiple tracks they’ve mixed and mastered for that we’ve heard.

I was SO pleased when the first version of mix came through, completely enhanced the cinematic space and a good play of dynamics, all while maintaining a clean mix still. They really showed a great understanding in what we were trying to achieve with our track, and brought out the best in it.

It was also great to be able to work closely with Peak Twilight, who was so attentive and patient in working through a minor feedback, to make sure all of us are happy with the final mix.

Amelia S. (aka. "saikai")

Soothe Records Artist & Producer

Soothe Studios offers an amazing mixing and mastering service that has helped my music reach a high quality that I could not have achieved on my own. I can’t recommend them enough!

Gab M. (aka. "landq")

Soothe Records Artist & Producer

Big thank you for all the improvements you made on my tracks! I still remember the excitement we had together when the project got its first placement. The production quality was always top-notch and it was the most memorable studio experience I’ve had so far in Switzerland.

Frank L.

Film Composer & Sound Director

I was nervous about recording my first song, but the team made me feel super comfortable. They were patient, supportive, and helped me create something that I’m truly proud of!

I was amazed by how simple they made it look for newbie like me to sound so “professional”. It’s difficult to describe it with words – I couldn’t believe it was me singing it 😛 Thank you so much for the motivation to create more.

Miao T.

Singer & Songwriter

I came to Soothe Studios with an ambient/sleepy lo-fi track hoping they could help with my release.

My mix wasn’t quite there and their mastering engineer (Peak Twilight) did a fantastic job, smoothed out all the clashing elements and gave it a real professional sound. The Soothe Team have been great to deal with and handle things quickly and in a professional manner.

Very happy with the service they provided.

Lance W.

Soothe Records Artist & Producer

the studio team

Meet the small team that will help you achieve something big.



Co-Founder / Mixing / Mastering / Production

Doruk (aka. Peak Twilight) is a classically-trained, academically certified jazz pianist with over a decade of music production experience.  He takes good care of Soothe Studios mixes & masters, making the final touches on your music.

Across all his anonymous artist aliases, his music has been played 100+ million times worldwide. He is one of the most streamed artists in the online music scene in Switzerland. 



Co-Founder / Label-Studio Coordinator / Tech

Roman is the coordinator of Soothe Records and Soothe Studios. He plans projects combining the record label and studio for a good organisation between the two teams.

As an electrical engineer, he’s the perfect person for this position as an all-in-one instrument tech professional at the studio. Need a custom-guitar builder that takes good care of the gear? He’ll happily take care of that 🙂



Co-Founder / A&R / Mixing / Producer

Lorenzo (aka. Lenny Loops) is the Italian co-founder of Soothe Records. Next to his A&R work at the label, he also has a very successful artist.

He’s one of the producers available for Soothe Studios projects, as he commutes to the studio from Italy for international projects. As an ambient-music lover, his vision for Soothe heavily revolves around an unparalleled support to all artists. 



Videographer / Editor / Singer-Songwriter

David takes care of visuals at Soothe Studios. He’s a passionate photographer, videographer and editor with experience in a wide-range of cinematographic styles including music videos, vlogging, documentaries, promotional videos and aerial drone shots.

Nextby, he also sings and produces his own songs. He has the unique experience of directing and publishing his own music videos, which puts him in the perfect position to produce yours.




Pianist / Composer / Sound Designer

Justin is the joker card of the Soothe Studios team. Another young, classically-trained pianist, who has a true passion for underground genres and artists. He gets especially excited about upbeat music genres like techno, jungle and old-school hip hop, as well as anything jazz related.

If you’re looking for the most unbiased, honest feedback from another cross-genre producer for your music, he’s the person you’re looking for.



Absolute Giga Chad / Grindset

Giga Chad is the perfect representation of the Soothe Studios sigma mindset. Music and art is also about having fun, it doesn’t have to be super serious all the time!

We would like you to enjoy your time working with us. At the end of the day, this is our passion and we aim to provide you the best tools for your success.

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