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All genres of music, podcasts, voice-over, dubbing, sound effects, custom foley and sound design for cinematography.


Peak Twilight, Justin Jaeger, Lenny Loops


Bahnstrasse 102, Regensdorf, Switzerland

At Soothe Studios, we understand that every project is unique and deserves special attention. That’s why we offer a range of production services designed to support your creative vision.

Our pre-production services include consultations tailored to your vision and instrument selection to ensure that you have the best resources available to execute your project.

During the recording process, we utilize custom-made signal chains, carefully chosen microphones and preamps, and headphone mixes to capture your best performance. Additionally, we offer free access to a large variety of VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) to work with during the production process. Such virtual instruments are playable with the midi controllers that we also provide during the sessions, and we’re always updating and expanding our collection.

In post-production, we help with editing, mixing, and mastering to create a polished final product that showcases your sound. 

We offer special services such as sound design, composition for media production and on-demand cinematography to further enhance your project. 

[jazz] recorded prod demo

by Lenny Loops & Peak Twilight | Soothe Studios

[indie] creative prod demo

by Lenny Loops, Peak Twilight & David Alonso | Soothe Studios

production setup

Soothe Studios was thoughtfully designed to prioritize sound quality while also offering versatility, comfort, and aesthetics. Our world-class mid-field audio monitors, the EVE Audio SC3070 and ADAM Audio A77H, have been imported directly from top-tier German studio-grade companies. These monitors offer unparalleled accuracy and transparency, ensuring that every nuance of your recording is captured with remarkable fidelity.

For clients in need of a dedicated and highly isolated recording space, our studio features a spacious booth suitable for guitarists, string and wind instrumentalists, as well as vocalists. With our advanced recording gear, we guarantee superb results every time.


Microphones ranging from large diaphragm condensers, to dynamic shotgun and room mics are available for use during recording and production sessions. No need to be overwhelmed by all the options, we will recommend you the most suited ones depending on the instrument and environment setting of your choice.

Through client feedback, we understood that offering a wide range of equipment is essential to meet the varying needs of our valuable partners. We provide the Nord Piano 5 and fully weighted Arturia Keylab 88 mkII as our main MIDI controllers for keyboard enthusiasts. Synth enthusiasts can take advantage of our Hydrasynth Deluxe edition. There are extra analog synths that can be brought in upon request. We’re also proud to offer a selection of custom-made and modified guitars and basses crafted by one of our highly skilled staff members.


We have something for all budgets. All prices are in CHF.

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