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Soothe Records was founded by experienced producers that are well connected in the lofi hip hop and ambient instrumental genres. Its main mission is to help artists share their music with the world, no matter their current fanbase size. Our team knows the struggles of promotion for a good track that doesn’t always fit the soundscape of certain labels and self-releasing without extensive knowledge of the promotion strategies usually results in an underwhelming audience exposure. So we decided to break down the principles of what it means to be a label and how it operates in this scene – and evolve it in one big rule change.

All the revenue that we generate from royalties is reinvested to the promotion and other services that we provide of those same artists we aim to promote! This greatly benefits all of our artists, just like a family with members sharing their success with each other. There’s a hardworking staff taking good care of you with a transparent, fast and easy communication server on Discord in combination with extra support for the music pitching process to various editorials on all the big streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. We also provide an optional mixing and mastering service at Soothe Studios for all our releases.

Our spotify playlist

This playlist is curated weekly to keep it fresh with new music!🎧

ambient lofi beats

A collection of the best ambient, sleepy and dreamy lofi hip hop beats.

how do i submit to the spotify playlist?

Since we’re growing fast, we’ve been receiving a lot of submissions (50+ per week!). It’s very challenging to listen to all of them and to bypass this problem somewhat, we decided to group all the submissions in one place while still keeping the submissions free for everyone. You can now directly submit through our Discord Server.

Please check the style of our playlists to be sure that your work aligns with what is already in the playlists. If you’ve got unreleased tracks instead and wish to release music through Soothe Records, click here!

our core values


Members sharing their success to help each other.


With an open book take on the financial part of things.


No sketchy deals or exclusitivity requirements.


An international staff ready to help you efficiently.

Since we’re artists ourselves, we are well aware (and experienced it too!) of the shady practices that some labels inflict on their artists. This is why we believe transparency to be one of the most important things that a label can provide when supporting their artists – this includes pre-defined splits on royalties and more.

If all the revenue cut goes to the promotion of the music & other services, how do we profit from this? We’re glad you asked! Since we’re artists ourselves, one of our motivations to do this is to become independent too! And thanks to our label, we don’t need to make any direct profit from it ourselves – we can support our own releases indirectly thanks to it too.

how can i release on soothe records?

Glad you asked! If you feel like your track / EP fits the vibe that we’re looking for and you wish your hard work to be heard, we offer everyone the chance to submit their unreleased music through this submission form OR via our Discord demo submission panel.

Please check the style of our playlists to be sure that your work aligns with our vision for Soothe Records. Make sure that your mixes & masters are well-balanced and that they don’t contain any uncleared samples. Once you’ve submitted your music, a group of artists will go through all the submissions every week to pick the best ones.

Submission form

Sorry, label submissions are temporarily disabled through this website due to maintenance. Please use our Discord server to submit for new releases as described HERE. Thank you for your understanding!

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Please use do not use this form for music submissions. Reserved only for business inquiries & licensing opportunities.

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